Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

There is a risk in all treatments, regardless of the country. As an ISM team, it is our priority to minimize all risks and ensure that your treatment is done by the best doctors. We are committed to support you in every way possible with our professional team throughout the entire process and to make the process extremely reliable, transparent and easy.

Turkey is known for the importance attached to health care and the worldwide successful doctors. This is reflected in a quick adaptation to technical developments, hospitals equipped with these latest technologies and ultimately doctors who use the best technology in the best way.

This has made Turkey a favorite destination for medical tourism.

Thanks to the developed healthcare and central geographical location, people from both Europe, the Middle East and the Arab world come to Turkey for treatment. It is cheaper compared to many European countries and there are no waiting lists.

Turkije is het tweede land met de meeste urkey is the second country with the most hospitals in the world. Because of the high-tech and well-equipped hospitals and worldwide successful doctors in Turkey, it is one of the most preferred countries for medical tourism. You can access the health statistics of Turkey by clicking on the link http://rapor.saglik.gov.tr/istatistik/rapor/index.php (Only available in Turkish)

  • To be reassured as a patient about the operation, it is wise to share all questions and any concerns with the surgeon.
  • In accordance with the expectations and wishes of the patient and the advice of the surgeon, a decision will be made about the procedure to be performed and the technique to be used.
  • The patient should always inform the surgeon about his medicine and drug use.
  • The surgeon may recommend to stop smoking and to stop taking certain medications before surgery.
  • Stop smoking 2 weeks before the operation
  • Take enough leave to be able to recover at rest.

It is possible to do several procedures during 1 operation. This depends on which treatments you want, your age and your health. We inform our patients about the possibilities during the first intake.

After preparing your treatment plan, we can arrange your flight ticket if you wish. You can also choose to buy the airline tickets yourself.

If you tell us that you want to make use of our airport transfer service when we plan your trip, your transfer will be carried out by our specialized transfer agent to your estimated arrival time and return time.

If, during the planning of your trip, you indicate that you want to use our hotel reservation service, you will be informed of the possibilities and you can choose from hotels with which we have made special agreements. You have a wide choice of 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels. Your chosen hotel will be booked for the planned dates and you will be placed in the hotel by our transfer agent.

It is possible that after a reconsideration you decide to abandon an operation.

If no costs have yet been made for airline tickets, hotel bookings and / or reservation for the operation in the hospital, we will fully refund your deposit.

If you cancel after we have incurred costs, we can no longer pay a (full) refund. This has to do with the already planned and reserved business. If your deposit is more than the costs already incurred, the remaining part will be refunded. If not, we can unfortunately no longer return you money.

A discount will be applied for multiple treatments. We discuss this during the personal intake.

You also have all contact information to reach us after your return. We will always help you with any questions you may have.

ATMs can be found everywhere in Turkey. It is possible to withdraw cash from ATMs with international credit cards or bank cards. When you withdraw money, you will be charged for this. How much this is you can check with your own bank.

International credit cards and debit cards can generally be used in shops, cafes and restaurants. In some small shops, restaurants and cafes you can not use your international tickets, so we advise you to have some cash with you.

Shopping centers are open every day between 10 am and 10 pm. Shopping centers offer a wide choice of local and international brands.

The museums are closed on Mondays and open on other days of the week from 9 am to 5 pm.

Pharmacies are open every day from 09.00 to 19.00, except on Sundays, but there is always a pharmacy that is open 24/7 in every region.

Banks are open on working days between 9 am and 5 pm.

Restaurants and cafés are usually open until midnight on weekdays and until 2 am on weekends, but these hours may vary, depending on the location. It is fairly easy to find 24/7 open buffets, cafes and restaurants in large cities and in central locations.

The nightclubs and bars are open until late at night and some even until the morning.

The supply voltage is 220V and 50Hz. The standard plugs in Turkey are of the Central European type (two-sided).

Exchange offices in Turkey are located in busy streets and shopping centers. Because we as Istanbul Safe Medical have only made appointments with hotels in central locations, you will always stay close to everything you need.

You can also easily make all your foreign currency transactions at bank branches and airports.

Alcohol is allowed in the nightlife.

Breast aesthetics

Although complications are rare in gynecomastia surgery, the following complications may arise:

  • Unsatisfactory result of breast tissue removal
  • Uneven contours on the chest
  • Loss of feeling of one or both nipples
  • The procedure can cause blood clots. In order to remedy this, drains are placed. This risk is extremely rare

Depending on the procedure, this can vary between 1 and 3 hours.

There may be some pain. This pain can be reduced with painkillers.

During adolescence of men, the breasts can grow through hormonal effects. If this growth is high or if there is no decrease in growth, the breast will remain slightly larger. We call this gynecomastia. Excessive weight gain and the use of certain drugs can also cause an increase in breast tissue.

There is no direct link between gynecomastia and breast cancer. But if rapid growth is observed in the asymmetry of one of the breasts or both breasts, breast cancer can be a cause of this and should be excluded from studies.

Gynecomastia does not have a negative effect on physical health but is purely about the aesthetic appearance. If this does not disturb a person, surgery is not mandatory.

Small asymmetry differences in the breasts are normal and acceptable. However, if there is great asymmetry, it is necessary to investigate whether there is a tumor. It is generally known that the breasts differ slightly in size.

For several reasons the breasts can hang and lose their firmness. Women are negatively influenced by this and are looking for ways to solve the problem. Especially women who want to avoid surgical procedures are looking for alternative solutions.

Companies play on this by bringing creams, oils, lifting bras, vegetable alternatives and many more products to the market. Unfortunately, these solutions do not offer a lasting solution and can also be detrimental to the health of women.

In short, breast lift without surgery is not possible and these products and services are a threat to the health of women. Women who suffer from drooping and not firm breasts therefore do well to consult a surgeon and look for the most suitable treatment method.

It is different for each patient how small the breasts should be. After the patient’s general body measurements, shoulder width and chest circumference are calculated, the breasts are minimized so that they are proportionate to the patient’s body measurements. After the operation, the nipples can also be reduced to a certain extent if necessary.
How small the breasts should be will be determined after examination, in accordance with the wishes and expectations of the patient and the recommendations of the surgeon.

A breast reduction operation can be performed after the adolescent period of a woman in which the development of the breasts is completed. This is around the age of 18.

A breast reduction is not harmful to the milk glands. A woman may become pregnant and breastfeed after breast reduction.

In addition to the aesthetic effect, too large breasts lead to functional health problems. These are;

  • Too big breasts hang. This causes severe back and shoulder complaints, which can even lead to neck hernia.
  • The skin that stays under the breasts can no longer air and remains constantly moist which can cause rash or even fungal infections.

Wearing bras can become painful

In all surgical procedures, visible or invisible scars remain, as in breast reduction. The scars are dependent on the size and shape of the breasts. But the scars will significantly blur 6 to 12 months after the operation. By using the creams recommended by the surgeon, the scars can be kept to a minimum.

Although the first goal in breast reduction is to remove the excess tissue, a breast lift is always performed.

The silicone prostheses are placed under the mammary glands where the milk ducts are present. In this way, women can breastfeed without problems.

A breast augmentation surgery can be undergoing around the age of 18 years. This is when puberty is complete and the growth of the breasts has stopped.

It is unlikely that breast prostheses will break down under normal circumstances. Only in extreme cases such as in a traffic accident this can happen.

Breast prostheses are divided into two types. These are the so-called anatomical prostheses and are divided into round and drop-shaped. The height of these prostheses, which we call projection, is classified as large, medium and small.

Breast prostheses do not cause illness and are not carcinogenic. The studies carried out to date on breast prostheses show no connection here. Because the use of breast prostheses is not very old, the studies on this are still being continued.

Prostheses are usually placed through the bottom of the chest. But sometimes you can also choose to place it via the nipples, armpits or navel.

The contours of the breasts are also evident in small breasts. This is the area where normally the breasts would be. By measuring these contours the size of the prosthesis is determined. The height of the nipples also determines the choice. In addition, the skin elasticity and body structure are also important factors in determining the size of the breasts.

Whether the prosthesis is visible depends on the breast tissue and muscle structure of a person. If sufficient breast tissue and muscle structure is present, the prosthesis will not be visible.

After a breast augmentation operation with prostheses, a woman can return to her normal life after a week. But it takes about 6 months for the breasts to have their exact shape.

During the first few weeks of an operation it is wise to take it easy during daily activities. The chest muscle should not be burdened with heavy activities over a period of about 3 to 6 months.

Prostheses can last a lifetime. But the capsule formation around a prosthesis will vary from person to person. After ten years, this capsule formation will have more influence on the prostheses, which makes it advisable to renew them every ten to fifteen years.

When placing a prosthesis space will be made under the breasts. If the prosthesis is positioned correctly on this opening, a prosthesis will not rotate.

After the operation you can return to your normal work routine and daily activities within a week.

In breast augmentation operations, there are no other risks than the general anesthetic and surgical risks.

About 6 weeks after the operation, the swellings are largely gone and you can wear a bra again.

A prosthesis weighs between 100 and 500 grams. This is comparable to real breasts, so you will not be bothered by this.

Facial aesthetics

Skin aging can not be stopped, but can be delayed. The ways to do this are:

  • Protect your skin against sun rays
  • Prefer food with antioxidants
  • Ensure adequate hydration of the skin
  • Drink lots of water
  • Do not use or moderate the use of cigarettes and alcohol
  • Use organic and natural products
  • Get stress out of your life

The skin, the largest organ of the human body, ages more easily than other organs because several factors play a role.

Studies show that environmental factors have the greatest influence on skin aging. Factors such as exhaust fumes, factory fumes and gaseous emissions accelerate this process. It can be seen that this makes the skin of people in large cities age faster than people who live in a more natural place.

Genetic factors also have an effect on skin aging. If the average skin aging in a family were to be looked at, an average could be calculated for a person from the same family.

Finally, behavioral factors also play a role, such as a high work rate, little exercise and smoking.

Botox and fillers are different methods that are used for different purposes. They are no alternatives for each other. For problems that require botox treatment, botox will be used for problems requiring filler treatment. The choice for the type of treatment does not lie with the patient.

Due to all the differences between the treatments, the prices of botox and filler treatments are different. The price for a botox treatment can be determined per area by default. With a filler treatment the price depends on the quantity used. This can be 1 cc but also more. A filler treatment is therefore more expensive than a botox treatment.

Botox and fillers are one of the most used and preferred cosmetic methods in the world. The treatments are accessible, short and the results are very successful.

These two treatments are often confused or thought to be the same. But there are big differences between a botox and a filler treatment.

Botox is used against wrinkles caused by contracting muscles, while a filler is used against wrinkles and pits that are not caused by muscle contraction.
Botox works by preventing muscle contractions, while a filler has no effect on the muscles. Fillers are used in filling wells and cavities or giving volume to certain areas.
The effect of botox is visible within 3 days and lasts for a maximum of 9 months. The effect of fillers is immediately visible and lasts for a maximum of 24 months.
Filler is a hyaluronic acid-based gel, while botox is a protein obtained from a bacterium called clostridium botulinum.

A facelift can be repeated when a person gets older and the skin shows weakening again. Because the skin is thin and has a sensitive structure, a second operation is more risky than the first.

A facelift is usually performed at advanced age. Because people in old age more often have to deal with cardiovascular problems, it is more common that they use blood thinners. These medications can cause bleeding during an operation. To prevent this, a patient, under the supervision of a physician, must stop using the medicines for a certain period before the procedure.

Smoking is not permitted before a facelift operation because smoking reduces the absorption of nutrients in the skin, which negatively affects the recovery after the operation.

To reduce the risk of subcutaneous bleeding, the bandages must be treated with care. In addition to this, it is important to protect the skin with the right products for the first 6 months against sunlight.

Pain after a facelift operation is an expected condition. This pain can be treated with the painkillers recommended by your surgeon.

The result of a facelift depends on the technique used and in what condition the skin is before the operation. The expected rejuvenation is between 5 and 10 years.

The starting point for a facelift is to preserve the facial expression. If the skin is stretched too much, there can be a loss here. The ultimate goal is of course to stretch the excess skin and maintain the facial expression.

Depending on the procedure, a facelift will last between 2 and 6 hours.

After a facelift, a patient can continue his normal life within 1 to 2 days. But there is a need for 7 to 10 days to rest, remove the bandages and let the bruises and swellings go away.

In general, two techniques are applied to a facelift. In the first method the skin and the subcutaneous tissue (SMAS) is stretched, in the second method the skin is stretched from the outside with the help of strings. The second method has a temporary character.

With a surgical procedure it is possible to lift the face through incisions on the front and back of the ears. If necessary, the middle area of ​​the face, cheeks and cheekbones can be lifted through an incision under the lower eyelid. Finally, the forehead can be lifted via the hairline. The eyebrows are also lifted.

Chemical means are available to give the skin a younger appearance. The skin can also be stretched with strings from the outside. Except that these methods give a temporary improvement, they are not as effective as a surgical procedure.

Several procedures can be combined during a facelift. This depends on the health condition of a person. In the case of aging, for example, the situation may arise that we call fat atrophy (dimples). During a facelift fat injections are done in these areas, minimizing the dimples.

All surgical procedures leave a large or small scar behind. The most important thing is that the incisions are made at the least visible points. The big advantage with a facelift is that the incisions on the front and back of the ear are made and that these scars are not visible unless you carefully look for them.

With both two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings, the aim is to give a general picture of how the result will look. This is primarily intended to decide on the shape of the nose together with the patient. That is why it is not realistic to expect one on the same result.

It sometimes happens that the result is disappointing or that pathological problems such as respiratory problems or a crooked cartilage occur. Then an operation can be performed again. A second operation is more difficult to perform, so it is important that the first operation is performed carefully.

An overhaul operation can be performed 6 to 12 months after the first operation.

There are alternatives such as fillers or rope lifts from the nose. These alternatives are temporary and have many complications.

It is important to have the controls carried out and follow the progress for the first 10 days after the operation. Thereafter, the controls will decrease to monthly and 3-monthly to a year after the operation. If the patient lives abroad and does not have the opportunity to come by, the checks are done with photos taken from different corners of the nose.

The development of the ear is completed at the age of 5. Until then, it is not recommended to undergo surgery.

The patient may experience pain in the first few days. This can easily be controlled with painkillers. Depending on the technique used, the patient may have to use a bandage after the operation. A person can then simply pick up his normal life again. With some techniques you do not have to carry anything at all and a person can immediately return to his normal rhythm.

This takes 3 to 6 months, as with many surgical procedures.

After a flap ear surgery there is an increased risk of cartilage infection. A cartilage infection spreads quickly and can affect the cartilage. Therefore, changing the dressing and taking care of the stitches must be done with great care. The prescribed antibiotics must be used according to the instructions, it is not advisable to lie on the ear during the first week.

This operation has two major risks. The first risk is that the operation is poorly performed so that the ears are wider. The second risk is a cartilage infection which can be avoided by proper and careful care.

With a flap ear correction, there is a 10 to 20 percent chance that the ears will become wider again. In that case, an operation may have to be repeated.

Body aesthetics

A Brazilian butt lift is characterized by the full and oval appearance of the upper part of the buttocks.

Because the buttocks prostheses are placed under the muscles, they are not visible from the outside. But in skinny persons with little adipose tissue this can be visible.

The operation has no other risks than known in other surgical procedures. But after the operation, the prostheses, for example after an accident, can move or stick out on the sides.

If a fat injection is done, there are no scars. When using a prosthesis there will be no visible scars because the incision is made from an invisible point.

Because a buttock lift uses fat transfer or prosthesis, the result will be permanent, as long as a person does not arrive excessively or falls off.

After the operation there will be a period of fluid retention and swelling. This will decrease visibly within a few weeks. But to see the final result of the buttocks, a period of between 3 and 6 months is needed.

Because the prostheses are placed at the top, there will be no problem with sitting. But it takes about three weeks to be able to move completely comfortably.

You will be in pain the first few days after the operation. Your surgeon will recommend you painkillers that will relieve the pain.

Fat and hyaluronic acid can be used to increase the buttocks. But this method is not suitable for large bilge enlargements. Fat and hyaluronic acid are also absorbed by the body after a certain period of time.

The use of a prosthesis is better and more reliable at large bilge enlargements.

In case of a fat transplant, body fat is injected which ensures better blood circulation and acceleration of the metabolism. Therefore, a fat transplant is the most effective treatment for cellulite. Here, the stem cells present in the adipose tissue also provide for rejuvenation because these counteract the aging effects.

2 weeks after a buttock operation you can start walking. 1.5 to 2 months later, sports can be re-entered.

A buttock operation can also be applied to men, just as with women. Especially men with small buttocks opt for a buttock operation.

With a pregnancy, the skin stretches to a certain extent. The skin starts again within 6 months after delivery. But sometimes it does not attract enough so that the skin remains limp. If this leads to dissatisfaction in a woman, a tummy tuck can be performed.

Small weight gains will not lead to fat accumulation or weakening of the skin. If the weight gain is too much, this can lead to the accumulation of fat and relaxation of the skin around the abdomen. This can be treated at the request of the patient.

In all operations there will be scars to a greater or lesser extent depending on the area where action is taken. The scars can become vaguer through the use of certain creams but they can not be removed with laser treatment.

After the expiration of a certain period a tummy tuck can be performed again. But this is a more difficult operation for both patient and surgeon.

Vaginal surgery is not a very painful operation as people often think. With the painkillers prescribed by the doctor, this process is very easy to spend. There are no visible scars after surgery.

In women who want to have a labioplasty operation performed, the inner labia are usually longer than normal. Solving this problem has a positive effect on daily life and makes for a better sexual life. Too long inner labia also ensure that this area always remains moist, causing serious hygienic problems such as permanent or recurring fungal problems. The operation solves this problem because the wet areas are reduced.

Labiaplasty surgery often has the opposite effect because patients feel better psychologically and are more confident. A labioplasty operation has no negative effect on sexual pleasure.

A labioplasty operation is not dependent on whether a woman has had a birth or not, is married or is not married. These are not the conditions on which an operation is chosen.

In labiaplasty the inner labia are reduced and the outer ones are formed. This is outside the area where the hymen is located.

Vaginaplasty has multiple forms such as labiaplasty, vagina narrowing and surgery on the outer labia. If no vagina narrowing is done, a patient may be sexually active one week after the operation. But if vagina narrowing is performed, this is not allowed for the first three weeks because this period is necessary for recovery.

There are alternative methods for labioplasty treatments such as narrowing or narrowing the labia with laser treatments or treatments with ultrasonic waves. These methods can be an alternative to minor abnormalities, but they will not be as effective as a surgical procedure.

After a labioplasty procedure, a person can return to her normal life within a few days.

In labioplasty operations, the external lips can also be filled in accordance with the wishes of the patient or vaginal strictures can be made. But labioplasty is a method that can only be applied.